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Selligent designs relation-based marketing solutions for retailers, tourism, automotive industry, publishing and financial businesses that draws on technology to cover all issues raised by campaign management, data and audiences.

As a true omnichannel engagement plateform, Selligent Marketing Cloud can complete your existing campaign management system or be used as a unique relation-based marketing solution to customize your contents.

Powerful customization

  • Taxonomy groups: Identify topics that actually interest your targets based on their online browsing.
  • Contextual personalization of « live content »: Tailoring messages based on device, weather, time countdown…
  • Dynamic content: Adapt emails content depending on the target profile.
  • Personal recommendations: Push the right product selection at the right person.

What are the benefits of Selligent Marketing Cloud ?

Selligent provides more than 700 consumer brands with integrated omnichannel (e-mail, display, mobile and social media) consumer-centric experiences. Their goal; growth in conversion rates and commitment.

The Selligent Marketing Cloud Suite addresses the following issues:

  • Engage consumers on all relevant channels from a centralized marketing automation cloud platform
  • In accordance with the new requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data hosting in Europe, user access control, encryption of data export …
  • Powerful and innovative (AI) features are constantly updated

User-friendly and ergonomic interface for quick handling of the solution


With expertise in acquisition and marketing automation acquired from more than 200 clients (major advertisers of retail, e-commerce, banking, insurance, tourism, industry …) in France as well as internationally, Waisso consultants are involved in:


  • Analysis of the current situation and quick wins
  • Strategic recommendations for the marketing campaign plan
  • Scoring audiences by potential
  • Identification of value-added courses
  • Setting up marketing triggers
  • Run of campaigns / creations / HTML development


  • Audit of digital environments and funnels
  • Defining the activation strategy and renew the UX approach
  • Generation of website traffic
  • Iterative approach via AB Testing & personalization on site / email
  • Implementation of third-party sources to streamline the packaging process
  • Support of the marketing loyalty online strategy
  • Reactivation process by CRM-OnBoarding

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