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Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua is an Oracle Marketing Cloud solution, dedicated to Business to Business (B2B) companies that can be easily connected to your CRM (Oracle CRM, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM …). Very intuitive, the solution integrates cross-channel, content, social, data and many other applications that allow you to automate and industrialize your B2B marketing campaigns.

Eloqua targets both marketing and sales heads, and is the go-to partner for leads management (Leads = more or less qualified business contacts / opportunities) and optimizing your conversion rates (ROI).

Why Eloqua ?

We have chosen this partnership in order to complement our marketing and CRM offer, and thus be able to offer our B2B customers and particular B2C profiles (long conversion funnel, sales to the business, sellers of high added-value products, etc.), a complete solution and industrialization of lead generation (Leads Management).

The centralization of all contacts (suspects, prospects, customers) into a single database allows the sales force and the marketing teams to work together with aligned objectives, on the same platform, to exchange qualified leads / opportunities. Prospects are better targeted, salespeople get better qualified leads that will be easier to convert into customers, ultimately allowing a better business volume at lower costs for the company.

Eloqua’s main assets… Solution dedicated to B to B

  • Multiple APIs and connectors enable Eloqua to be integrated into CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and many others.
  • Also, with the diverses applications available in Oracle’s AppCloud, it becomes easier and faster for marketers to choose and manage their cross-channel actions: events management (fairs, conferences), webinars, surveys, push sms, video emails (Youtube), etc.
  • Application’s examples available in the Oracle AppCloud:
Cvent application

  • Capture your event registration directly in Eloqua.
  • Synchronize contact updates, changes, and deletions.
  • Update status of shipments, openings, opt-outs etc.
  • Track event and session activity ….
Cisco application

  • Connect Eloqua contacts to a WebEx meeting or event directly from the canvas.
  • Create actions to evaluate whether a contact has registered or attended your event.
  • Directly communicate with the contacts that participated in your campaigns …
SurveyMonkey Application

  • Synchronize your surveys in the Eloqua database.
  • Automate your customer satisfaction programs.
  • Trigger automated campaigns based on survey responses.
  • Optimize the conversion phase with a personalized sales and support service.

..A complete solution with all the functionality needed for Automated Marketing campaigns

  • Emailing and multi-channel automated campaigns (SMS, Push, Outgoing calls …)
  • Contact management, CRM synchronization (Salesforce, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Selligent, etc.)
  • Interactions, behavior monitoring and scoring of leads
  • Management of landing pages, forms
  • Analysis and reporting (customized dashboard)

Eloqua is a B2B automation marketing solution, integrated (inbound marketing), which can be connected to your CRM. The solution enables you to centralize your contacts database, animate these contacts at all stages of the customer life cycle by building customized campaigns. Finally, it allows you to qualify your leads, measure and optimize your conversion rates.

To understand how Eloqua and Marketing Automation are essential to your marketing strategy, do not hesitate to download Oracle Eloqua’s “Automation of Marketing Processes in Brief” guide, which presents the five pillars of modern marketing.

You can also contact us for more information on this solution or consult our Marketing and CRM page.

Waisso support you with Eloqua

  • Marketing & Communication Strategy B to B (scenarios, personas, etc.) definition
  • Segmentation strategy (targeting, scoring)
  • Creating and managing digital content
  • Complete management of marketing campaigns leads generation (Settings, email creation, landing pages, forms, A / B testing, launch)
  • Performance monitoring (analysis & reporting, customized dashboard creation)
  • Recommendations and a personalized action plan for optimizations