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myElefant is a mobile marketing company founded in 2010 when mobile multimedia experts teamed up with experts in digital marketing and general public marketing. WAISSO recommends myElefant’s Rich SMS and Rich Push mobile campaign management solutions to respond to the needs of its customers who want to implement a powerful mobile strategy.

To respond to the widespread consumer use of mobile devices, WAISSO has expanded its expertise to include mobile technologies in its offering and enhance relational marketing programmes with multi-channel systems promoting synergies between the web, mobile and offline.

With myElefant, WAISSO helps advertisers to determine their mobile strategy, build mobile media into all recurrent marketing requirements linked to PR, recruiting and loyalty so as to develop sales through mobile. WAISSO


Leading the field in customer relations on its mobile devices / smartphones, myElefant has designed the EnRich solution, a powerful platform available in SaaS mode that lets brands grasp new opportunities to interact with their targets through optimised marketing campaigns, engage new customers at point-of-sale, and helps to produce meaningful mobile apps: SMS, RichSMS, Push, and RichPush. MyElefant has gained the trust of many players in the tourism, luxury, and e-commerce fields who have adopted their mobile strategy optimisation solutions.

Rich SMS has tried and tested features to manage compelling and effective SMS campaigns that improve the mobile customer experience aiming at 50% more effective compared to traditional SMS campaigns: simplified campaign design interface, customisable content management using an advanced editing mode, testing duplication, campaign scheduling, and real-time reporting.

Rich Push: geolocated, personalised notifications are an undeniable tool for customer recruitment and loyalty. Rich Push lets you send mobile users a targeted notification inviting them to use their coupons, drive to stores, opt for an electronic loyalty card, download a mobile app (new service launches, etc.). The rewards: controlled commercial pressure, stronger customer engagement, and better conversion rates.

Communicating effectively via smartphones and mobiles lets you increase in-store traffic, offer consumers personalised, contextualised services, enhance the customer experience, reduce online and offline frontiers, and increase marketing campaign effectiveness for better customer intelligence and continually increasing levels of engagement.