Control the entire customer journey & transform anonymous audiences into engaged


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Gigya publishes Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions based on Social Login and Registration as a Service (RaaS) technologies that provide secure connections and recognise and improve the cross-channel customer experience.

Thanks to automatic identification across all channels, Gigya transforms anonymous audiences into engaged, loyal audiences, and enhances customer knowledge and consumer profiles through data collected from web, mobile, and social media interaction, so as to optimise marketing and commercial strategies and strengthen the brand-consumer relationship.


WAISSO recommends and integrates Gigya solutions to help brands control the entire customer journey, providing them with the unified customer vision necessary to create personalised experiences and improve ROI from their cross-channel strategies.

WAISSO acts in 3 areas:

  • Logging in: encouraging consumers to log in using Social Logins or other client identity tools and thus collect precious first-party data
  • Collecting: consolidating social, behavioural, appeal, transactional and all other data types into unified customer profiles while maintaining the ability to evolve, security, and compliance
  • Converting: the insights collected by segment into action and sustainable relational programmes

To do this, WAISSO teams personalise Gigya features and adapt them to their customers’ business-specific challenges:

  • Registration As A Service / Social network authentication, Mobile / Social Login plug-in
  • Profile management / Data Quality / interaction / action on social networks in a unique database that can be shared with the other CRM solutions (Adobe Campaign, DQE Software, Adobe Audience Manager, etc.)
  • Website socialisation: Comment management, product opinion management, point engines, etc.
  • Reporting and dashboards