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DQE Software publishes solutions that specialise in optimising data quality, data entry aids, real-time quality control, enhancement, postal address standardisation and verification (RNVP), email analytics, internet user geolocation, and more.

Because data quality is an essential prerequisite for building long-lasting existing/prospective customer relations, WAISSO has forged a strategic partnership with DQE Software, an innovative French Data Quality Management player that has designed preventive and corrective solutions available in SaaS or on-premise mode, guaranteeing permanent high data quality in Marketing databases and CRM or online applications.


To provide marketing, commercial, and e-commerce divisions with an accurate and dependable vision of their existing and prospective customer databases, WAISSO consultants work on:

  • Business data auditing and consulting: data quality audits on website or CRM input with scoring, correction processing and data enhancement recommendations and data quality management solution consulting
  • Improving customer knowledge with real-time segmentation based on consumer profiles and appeal
  • Preventive data processing before integration into the CRM system: Assisted postal address entry on websites or business applications, Real-time address retrieval, Email address checking, Assisted BtoB data entry
  • Corrective processing on data in the customer base: Data deduplication / Merging
  • Postal address standardisation and verification (RNVP), Family reunification, Email base purging, Optimised and dedicated architecture (for large volumes)
  • Data enhancement: company business identity data, title / gender / DOB linked to first name, Postal address geolocation, B2B email address generation

WAISSO implements this Data Quality solution with Adobe Campaign or the Gigya contact database.