WAISSO: partner to your performance

Our company

Founded in 2003 by marketing and data professionals, WAISSO is a marketing and digital performance consultancy agency. WAISSO helps marketing and sales divisions (BtoC and BtoB) to define and implement cross-channel strategies spanning every stage of the client lifecycle thanks to a highly successful mix of technology, data and content.

Today, the facts are simple: faced with rapidly changing consumer and usage trends, unlimited consumer agility, skyrocketing interactions, and an explosion of increasingly sophisticated digital media against a background of aggressive competition and the restrictions imposed by new regulations (GDPR), it is essential to stop disassociating marketing from technology, so that customer experience and business performance can converge. Two professions in one and a new corporate philosophy form the foundations of our expertise to help our omni-channel clients design and implement their marketing, digital, and sales strategies.


Mission statement: sensing your company’s needs to provide you with personalised support at every stage of your project and helping you aim for the same ultimate level of excellence we set for our own company. The customised services provided by our consultants and acclaimed by our BtoC and BtoB Corporate and SME clients in France and around the world are based on:

  • 5 expertises: Consulting & Strategy, Marketing & CRM, Mobile & Social Media, Customer Knowledge and Digital Content
  • controlling the entire value chain (IT and Business line) guaranteeing the success of your strategies: from the definition stage to marketing programme management though implementing technologies and employee change support (acquisition and retention strategies, CRM, conversion rates, ROI, training, GDPR compliance, etc.)
  • our in-depth experience in the business sectors: retail, luxury, tourism, pure players, banking and insurance, industry, media, IT, etc. in France and abroad

Since its inception, WAISSO has relied on the trust it has gained from its partners, Adobe / Neolane, Gigya, Sprinklr, DQE Software, myElefant, Google Analytics, etc., and clients to bring you an ever broader spectrum of skills and innovations to match your business challenges and objectives, so that you remain competitive and successful.

As a partner to your success, we have gained the trust of more than 200 clients who are major players in retail, tourism, banking, luxury goods, IT, e-commerce, etc. based in France and around the world.

Because our experts are craftsmen known to succeed in their assignments, we get our satisfaction from your satisfaction…