Sharing our knowledge for a successful skills improvement


Since its inception, WAISSO has been committed to passing its know-how on to its customers, be that to help them run their marketing programmes or to understand the functional management of their technological platforms.

WAISSO provides comprehensive training programmes dispensed intra-company or inter-company that can be charged to the training budget, and that aim to make marketing and technical users proficient in:

Executing marketing & CRM strategies (web, mobile and social media): marketing activation plans, multi-channel campaign management, targeting and segmentation, deliverability and conversion rate optimisation, personalising cross-channel interaction, deploying channel- and device-specific content, analysing customer data and journeys, etc.

Using existing software solutions:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud: Software solution package comprising:
    • Adobe Campaign: multi-channel marketing campaign management solution (formerly Neolane)
    • Adobe Analytics: website and mobile device data and interaction analysis (formerly Omniture)
    • Adobe Target: website, mobile site and mobile app customer experience personalisation platform
    • Adobe Experience Manager Assets (AEM DAM): creative asset management and deployment solution (image, video, audio, documents, etc.) for emails, websites and mobile apps
    • Adobe Hearing Manager (AAM): a DMP (Data Management Platform) that lets you create unique audience profiles so you can identify the most valued segments and use them across any digital channel
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud: management solutions for customer and prospect experience
    •  Oracle Eloqua : ​​for automating and industrialising your B2B marketing campaigns
    • Oracle Responsys : for automating B2C cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • LiveClicker : platform for contextualising and customising emailing campaigns with dynamic content interactively, in real time
  • MyElefant: for deploying mobile strategies (SMS and push notifications)
  • Accengage : ​​Push Notification SaaS for Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger
  • Sprinklr: a comprehensive social network management solution (listing, advertising, customer service, marketing campaigns, etc.)
  • Gigya: a platform for managing customer identity (Social Login and CIAM), and managing and enriching customer and prospect data via the social networks
  • ReachFive: CIAM solutions for collecting, unifying and managing customer identities across all contact points, online and offline
  • Adobe Analytics: a solution for analysing data and interaction on websites and mobile devices

All our training courses are accompanied by training tools and user guides in both French and English.