WAISSO: a trusted partner on your side to manage your marketing strategy

Managed Services

WAISSO supports its customers throughout the project lifecycle, whether this involves implementing acquisition campaign, running marketing operations or keeping technology platforms up and running, though our tailored Managed Services.

Acquisistion strategy execution

The Acquisition hub delivers advises and manages your Acquisition strategy trough the web, social and mobile channels. It optimizes your budget in function of the following axes:

  • Acquisition
  • SEA
  • Social ads
  • SEO / Analytics
  • CRM onboarding
  • Programmatic /Display


Our Marketing & CRM performance hub provides our customers with a pooled or on-site team to perform marketing operations across the solutions we implement (Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle, Sprinklr, Gigya, DQE Software, myElefant, Accengage, LiveClicker, ReachFive, Google Analytics), regardless of the channels activated (email, SMS, Push Notification, social networks, web, mobile, postal).

We can take responsibility for:

  • Organising and scheduling the campaign plan
  • Briefs
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Creative assets
  • HTML integration
  • Campaign execution on the various tools
  • Campaign reporting and identifying optimisation areas


WAISSO produces data analytics that enable its customers to target and identify the best-performing segments. It also produces campaign reports.
WAISSO’s production teams also manage databases ranging from a few hundred megabytes to several terabytes. They work in environments where high-performance (e-business sites), high volumetrics (terabyte-size operational bases) and high availability (real-time audio-visual production) prevail.


All projects and applications implemented by WAISSO come with tailored, responsive follow-up and support through a pooled Third Party Application Maintenance package or on the customer’s premises. This applies to all the solutions we deliver (Adobe Experience Cloud, Oracle, Sprinklr, Gigya, DQE Software, myElefant, Accengage, LiveClicker, ReachFive, Google Analytics). Our consultants can assist with operational issues, access to applications, support, functional & technical maintenance, and upgrade requests. As an expert, WAISSO guarantees top quality service and is committed to delivering acceptable response times.

As a “supplier” partner, WAISSO has implemented a strict internal GDPR compliance protocol to support its customers in a secure manner.