Defining a roadmap for Marketing and Commercial Divisions

Business process consulting

As a marketing and digital performance consultancy agency, WAISSO specialises in defining, implementing, and computerising strategies for Marketing, Digital, and Sales divisions. To support our customers in their cross-channel acquisition, engagement, loyalty, and sales activation efforts, we have developed cross-disciplinary skills in Marketing & CRM, Mobile & Social Media, Customer Knowledge, and Digital Content.

Wielding expertise recognised by our customers and publisher partners, WAISSO’s consultants and project managers support business divisions in the following areas:

  • Customer knowledge: collecting, unifying and enriching customer, marketing, and commercial data, then analysing and using that data to steer the decision-making process or as Customer Intelligence for statistical and predictive studies / data mining, and then finally coming up with a customer identity & access management (CIAM) plan
  • Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the protection of personal data: audit of the computer system, data security protocol, impact on DMP, Dataware House…
  • Customer segmentation: defining and implementing a segmentation scheme that produces customer knowledge to categorise, list, and classify the prospect and customer database
  • Marketing & CRM: acquiring, converting, retaining, and reactivating prospects and customers in real-time, implementing customer segmentation and targeting, CRM and PRM relational marketing campaigns, customised contextual one-to-one content, or scripting and automating your marketing programmes, multi-channel strategy, and ROI calculations
  • Mobile & Social: digital relational marketing plans / CRM, mobile and social media plans based on insights from Customer Intelligence, steering platforms and performance indicators
  • Digital Content: designing dynamic digital content tailored to each segment, each target, and each device to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Sales Activation: statistical analytics and geomarketing, customer journey analyses, cross-channel mix, improving sales force performance through a Lead Management strategy, sales analysis, and reporting
  • Organisation change: to enhance agility (in-house departments and external stakeholders involved in omni-channel customer satisfaction)

To optimise the performance of the marketing and sales strategies it recommends, WAISSO also helps business teams conduct diagnostics and upgrade and implement their marketing operations or their marketing information systems.


  • Defining the marketing and multi-channel communication strategy
  • Determining a roadmap for Marketing and Sales divisions: implementing corporate strategy at marketing level, identifying impacts on the current marketing IS or CRM, activity scheduling, operational deployment, change management, performance monitoring, audience metrics tracking, etc.
  • Opportunity analysis: feasibility studies, “big picture” target requirements, impact assessment, ROI computation
  • Needs expression, specifications or agency brief
  • Solution selection support: identifying target solutions, modelling, identifying solution features, comparative studies of selection criteria, etc.
  • Change management: impact on organisation, training plan, project communication, etc.

WAISSO relies on leading market technologies including NEOLANE / ADOBE, DQE SOFTWARE, MyElefant, Gigya, Sprinklr, and Google, to which it brings its business know-how recognised by more than 200 customers.