Targeting performance, productivity gains, and cost reduction


Analysing marketing strategy performance and database quality and auditing computer systems to secure data in preparation for the GDPR, is a major competitiveness and productivity challenge for BtoC and BtoB companies, regardless of their size.

Prior to redesigning any Marketing Information System, WAISSO advises customers to let its consultants conduct a series of audits tailored to their business-specific concerns (store opening times, international deployment, level and performance of customer service, etc.) with a view to optimisation:

  • Functional campaign analysis: typologies, models, workflows, targeting
  • Cross-channel strategy performance audits
  • Analysing the contribution different channels make to overall performance
  • Marketing campaign deliverability audits
  • Business process audits
  • Lead Management process audits
  • Database quality audits (deduplication, postal standardization)
  • Data audits: volumetrics, distribution, organisation
  • Technical audits of developments and configuration
  • Datawarehouse and datamart design audits
  • Performance audits: hardware architecture, structural architecture (data structure), and functional architecture (application code)
  • Maintenance / architecture / security audits
  • Identifying current strengths and weaknesses

We can also build a tailored auditing process to suit your specific needs, spanning several of these areas.

These audits culminate in a report presenting diagnostics, an action plan, a workload assessment, marketing and technology recommendations, and an overall forecast budget. Our consultants place great importance on providing credible, relevant solutions and make a point of only recommending actions that would be realistic for your business and the environment in which you work.